2012-09-08 16:21:57 by chibiwings

My newest Kingdom Hearts fandub is finally complete!!! I voiced Kairi and Selphie, and my good friend, BlooCerix, voiced Roxas and Sora. It took a whole month to get this done and I'm very proud of how well it turned out! I have to admit that this is my best fandub so far! Editing/Mixing by me, also directed by me. :D


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2012-09-09 09:20:16

I'm so glad i found you when i did, this was great, i'm looking forward in seeing more.
I had no idea Selphie was in KH2 i only played the first one. lol

chibiwings responds:

Haha! Funny thing is that this is the ONLY scene Selphie shows up and speaks in KH2! LOL Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm glad we met too. Gunfox looks like it'll be really awesome! I've been planning making new voice overs (since most of my stuff is 6 months old or more) and this dub is one of the first new ones. :) I need to make a new demo too. Haha.


2012-09-25 22:49:38

Haven't heard of you before at all. Glad I have now though! Good voice, I'm looking forward to hearing more of what you can do, absolutely.

chibiwings responds:

Thank you very much! I'm very happy to hear that! ^.^