Still Here! [EDIT!]

2012-10-07 14:59:58 by chibiwings

Just letting you all know I'm still alive. I figure I should update something.

The truth is that I'm out of ideas for my own original stuff. I finally got cast for another fandub a few days ago. So I'll post that when it's up.

I've also been cast into several other things that haven't been released yet.

I feel so lame for not releasing/creating anything voice over related. I brainstorm everyday and when I do think of something, I realize it requires a scanner for my artwork, which I don't have. (FYI, I can draw but my scanner is too outdated for my brand new computer).

Anyway, there's an update. Now I feel better....I think. I'll talk about projects as they are released and help get the word out for them. :)

[EDIT!!]I just realized I never posted this reel! I'm in a The World Ends With You fandub and this is what my Rhyme sounds like. I re-recorded my lines fresh for this reel. :)


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2012-10-07 21:15:44

That voice is sweet enough to be sold in a candy shop. I love it. Do keep up the great work!

chibiwings responds:

Thanks so much! XD


2012-10-09 07:02:36

I haven't played this one i think this was on the PSP, Either way an Absolutely amazing performance Chibiwings, keep it up!

chibiwings responds:

Thank you very much! The World Ends With You is on the DS. :D