Please Email Me

2012-10-25 13:20:06 by chibiwings

Recently, I've realized that I don't check Newgrounds and VAA on a daily basis anymore, like I used to. Meaning that if you send me a message, I probably won't see it until about two or three days later when I am online again.

Instead of messaging me here, it would be best to email me instead. My email goes straight to my phone. I will be able to get it faster and respond much faster. I am always on the go lately and therefore I don't check this site as much.

With that said, I will leave you with the information that I posted on my VAA profile. Thanks
Available For Scouting: Yes.
CONTACT: The BEST way to contact me is by Email:
My email goes straight to my phone and I'll get to you a lot faster.
I am not on everyday and I may miss your PM message. Please email me instead. Thanks.


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2012-10-25 15:53:33