New Chibitalia Voice Over!

2013-09-18 03:17:50 by chibiwings

Yay new voice over!

I'm into the anime Hetalia very much lately! I've been working on Chibitalia's voice for a few months now. This is my improvement so far. I recorded this two days ago. I hope you like it. :)

Note: If you don't know, Hetalia is a comedy about a group of people who are personifications of the world's nations (i.e. United States of America, England, Italy, Germany, etc.). It's based on actual historical facts. Hetalia does not make fun of history in anyway, as it is often mistaken for. Hetalia is a good show that focuses on countries working together and getting along. Sure, they argue during world meetings, but they get along for the most part!! XD


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2013-09-18 04:30:48

It's a Very Funny show lol, the Italy sounded like the real thing!
i also find it funny that they are literally named after countries, and why dose the Germany guy sound like a british guy lol.

chibiwings responds:

I'm glad that you think my take sounded close to the original VA. Thanks!
He sounds British?? I think Germany sounds very German. o.o And England's accent is very posh.